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  • Tins - I no longer sell tins or collectibles

  • Collectibles - I no longer sell tins or collectibles

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About Us
  • Jeanne & Ken Stutt
    Charlotte, NC
    (since 1985)
    Previously in New Jersey & New York

    Ken worked for BASF for 25 years
    ; now retired
  • E-Mail: ken@stutt.com

















  • Electronics, Computers, etc.
    • Battery Bob - great source for all kinds of batteries and far cheaper than most; many are shipped free and fast!
    • Cables for Less - get all kinds of cables, etc. for much less than you would pay at retail stores
    • Cybergys - "hard to find and innovative computer parts and computer accessories, electronics, and workplace accessories. What makes Cyberguys, Inc. special is our huge inventory, competitive prices, our exclusive Ziotek brand product line, and complete customer satisfaction."  This is from their website!
    • Vizio - great TVs at low prices; they are sold at Wal-Mart, Sam's, BJ's and Costco.
  • Clothes
    • Whittmann Textile - nightshirts, robes, pajamas, etc. Not necessarily inexpensive, but good stuff